Fire Department

Whitehall Township has a Volunteer Fire Department Staffed
by 153 Firefighters, Divers, Fire Police
and Fire Chief Robert Benner

There are five station locations to serve our residents:
Fullerton Station #36 - West Catasauqua Station #37 - Hokendauqua  Station # 38
 Egypt  Station #39- Cementon Station #40

Whitehall  Township Fire Department visit: 

Whitehall Emergency Management visit:

The Whitehall Township Fire Department proudly protects the citizens or Whitehall and assists in the surrounding areas. Services that the Fire Department perform include firefighting, hazmat, search and rescue and extrication.

Open burning in Whitehall is prohibited. The Bureau of Fire requires permits for blasting, welding, fireworks, tents and tanks installation and removal.

Our Fire Department always needs volunteers! If you are interested in serving you community, call the Fire Chief for an application. The Fire department provides fire prevention programs in the schools and day care centers in Whitehall. sessions on home fire safety are available for groups and organizations. A tour of any fire station can also be arranged by calling the Fire Chief's office at 610-437-5524, ext. 166.

Our Fire Department Vehicle Fleet By station

Fullerton Station #36  Engine #3611 2007 Central 1250 gpm, Engine #3612 1990 Mack 1250gpm, Aerial #3631 95 ft. Aerialscope,  Spartan Baker, Rescue #3641 Spartan/Central States Rescue

West Catasauqua Station #37 Engine #3711 Hahn 1250 gpm, Engine #3712 1997 Spartan/Marion 1250gpm, Pickup #3791 Pickup for support trailer, Trailer #3792 Haz mat support

Hokendauqua Station #38 Engine #3811 KME 1990 1250gpm, Engine #3831 2009 Spartan/KME 55' Squirt 1500gpm 

Egypt Station #39 Engine #3911 1999 Spartan /KME 1500gpm, 1979 American LaFrance100gpm, Brush #3961 1973 unit

Cementon Station #40  Engine #4011   Engine #3912 2001 Rescue Truck KME Pumper/Resque 1500gpm, Boat #4098 1994 Jet-Ski Unit


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